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Welcome to Tax Discharge Determinator

Bankruptcy attorneys now have an affordable, easy-to-use, online tool to determine when tax debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy.

This web-based program reveals the earliest date you can file bankruptcy to discharge tax debts. It was developed in consultation with the IRS Insolvency Unit - the division that rules on tax discharge cases for the government. Don't let this invaluable tool pass you by! Of course, this program is not intended to be, and shall not be considered to be, the rendering of legal advice. You should always conduct your own legal research and seek professional advice when in doubt. This program is intended to help the bankruptcy professional with the applicable rules (so none are missed or forgotten) and calculations (so as to avoid "counting" mistakes).

It's Fast

Determine earliest tax discharge dates in minutes - instead of hours.

The Results Are Accurate

Give tax discharge advice with confidence and enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you know that tax debts are properly handled.


Register now and get two free uses of the application! Get 2 for 1 pricing for a limited time.


Many attorneys charge $100 to $500 per tax year analyzed, and sometimes as much as $5,000 if the debtor owes hundreds of thousands of dollars. Get in on this money maker now!


What Does This Program Do?

This web-based program reveals the earliest date you can file bankruptcy to discharge tax debts.

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