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Max Gardner’s Consumer Defense Academy

featuring the Bankruptcy Boot Camp

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Nuts and Bolts of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

New to the bankruptcy field or want to break into it? Expand your bankruptcy knowledge. Train your team for the train wreck that is coming.

We are pleased to announce a brand new 3-day Boot Camp series via Zoom recordings available on Max Gardner’s Consumer Defense Academy website on the Nuts and Bolts of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy cases.  The first day (approximately 7 hours) is devoted solely to Chapter 7 cases.  The second and third days (6 hours each day) focus on relevant Chapter 13 issues.

Our outstanding panel of speakers and presenters, O. Max Gardner III, Brett Weiss and Daniel Press, explain the fundamentals of consumer bankruptcy law and practice.  It is often said that Max created the Bankruptcy Boot Camps, but Brett and Dan actually wrote the books!

Topics covered include structure of the Bankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rules; a line-by-line review of all of the official forms; commencing the case; concepts such as discharge, property of the estate (541, 1306 and 1327), claims, priority, ethics, adequate protection and the automatic stay; executory contacts and leases; analysis of a proof of claim; escrow and mortgages; contested cases; adversary proceedings of every flavor in Chapter 13 cases; mortgage servicers and Chapter 13 cases; how the mortgage systems of record really function; deemed current orders; the Chapter 13 plan and all non-standard terms; the CARES Act and Chapter 13 plans; forbearance agreements and Chapter 13 cases; and a review and analysis of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 from beginning to end, from both debtor and creditor perspectives.

Chapter 7 Webinar: $495.00 Chapter 13 Webinar: $995.00. You will receive 6 months unlimited access to the webinars and access to the Nuts and Bolts materials on

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