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Getting Started

How Tax Discharge Determinator Works

You can begin using this valuable online tool with a few easy steps:

  • Obtain an account transcript from the IRS for each tax year to be analyzed.
  • Enter dates that correspond to codes on the account transcript into the tool.
  • Answer additional questions as prompted.
  • Receive your results.

Please Note To obtain the transcripts, you'll need a form 2848 (Power of Attorney) or a form 8821 (Tax Information Authorization) signed and dated by your client. We recommend using the form 8821. Click here to print a blank form 8821.

Detailed instructions are found under FAQ – How to Obtain Official Transcripts.

Got Too Much To Do?

Your time is valuable so why don't you let Tax Discharge Determinator obtain your clients transcripts for you!  Check out the details here!