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Order Transcripts

Order Transcripts Thru Tax Discharge Determinator and let us do the work for you!

When ordering transcripts yourself, you'll either need to wait on line for up to an hour, sometimes two, or go thru the difficult process to use "E-Services". This is wasted time you can't get back. Instead, for only $149.00, Tax Discharge Determinator will order the transcripts for you and deliver them to you! To be clear, this is not $149.00 per transcript; it is $149.00 to obtain all the Account Transcripts for any tax year your client has a balance due.


If you have married clients who always filed together and never separated their accounts (through divorce, death, one spouse filing bankruptcy or an OIC and the other not – in other words, their accounts are identical), then you need only a single form 8821 with just the husband’s name and SSN. Do not under any circumstances put both the husband's and the wife's name and social security numbers on a single form. If, however, their accounts are not aligned, then you need two separate forms 8821, one for each, and the charge is $249.00.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Download Tax Discharge Determinator's form 8821 by clicking here and neatly write your client's full, legal name; address; and SSN in Box 1; then have your client sign and date it.
  2. Download the Consent and Release form then have your client sign and date it.
  3. Purchase the transcript service by clicking on the "Purchase Services" button and complete the checkout process.
  4. After your client has signed and dated all the forms, scan and email all of them to, with a copy to  Please reference your order number in your emails.
  5. In about 2 weeks, you will receive an emailed invitation from us to download the transcripts from, a safe and secure system.


Taxpayer only - 2 week turnaround



Forms for husband and wife.


Full Service Option

We now offer the opportunity to have TDD obtain the transcripts and run the TDD program for you and deliver you the “results”. Although we believe TDD is an incredibly easy program to use, some people would rather outsource the entire process and just get the “answers”. Now you can. You will receive written reports showing a year-by-year breakdown of the amount owed and the earliest date each is non-priority.  You will receive the final product for your files or to give to your clients, not as a “legal opinion” (because TDD is not a law firm) but as the same product you would have created but without any hassle. If interested in this, so state in your email with the form 8821. NOTE: not applicable for any tax year having an SFR assessment; rather, you will be given a brief email or telephone consultation about what your client might be able to do about those tax years).

That is all you have to do!

Full Service